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Post Foods
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Deb Calkins
  HR Manager Retiree, Post Foods & Altria
Michael Campbell
 Hourly Retiree
Dwight Carattini
 Senior Production Scheduling Manager
Kim Gruell
  #29 Building Production
Margie Humes
 Administrative Supervisor
Michael Jones
  Hourly Retiree
Keith Martens
  Retired Plant Manager, Honorary Member
Virginia Moody
  Hourly Retiree
Jean Price
  Hourly Retiree
Gerald Putman
  #20/32 Production Facility
Steve Schonhoff
  Senior VP of Manufacturing, Post Holdings
John Schwartz
  Retirees Union Officer & Past Union President, Local 374
John Stover
  Hourly Retiree
Randy Yother
#20/32 Production Facility and Liaison of the Postum Club


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