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The Post Foundation has partnered with the Battle Creek Community Foundation who will serve as a permanent local repository of the assets of the Post Foundation of Battle Creek. Through this partnership the Post Foundation will remain a local legacy of the Post family of employees forever.

*Donations may be tax deductible, consult with your tax advisor for details

online donation

Payments are securely processed on the Battle Creek Community Foundation website, simply click the button below to be redirected to their website. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

donation form

Click the download button below, or pick one up at:

1. Honor Credit Union
2. Post Balloon/Cereal Store
3. Battle Creek Community Foundation


If you are looking to make a cash/check/securities donation, please contact the BCCF at 269-962-2181.

automatic withdraw

This option is for retiree’s or current employees of Post Foods.

Contact us for more information, or your human resources department.

estate donations

For information on estate planning and gifting as apart of your estate, please contact the BCCF at 269-962-2181.