The Post Foundation has partnered with the Battle Creek Community Foundation who will serve as a permanent local repository of the assets of the Post Foundation of Battle Creek. Through this partnership the Post Foundation will remain a local legacy of the Post family of employees forever.

Donations can be made by:

  • Contribution form – click to download or pick one up from:
    – Post Community Credit Union
    – Post Balloon/Cereal Store
    – The Battle Creek Community Foundation located downtown Battle Creek
  • Automatic withdrawal from Post Community Credit Union (Retirees only)
  • Post Foods payroll check withholdings
  • Cash or check
  • Securities (annuities, stocks, insurance policies, etc.)
  • Visiting BCCF Online to make a gift
  • Making a gift as part of your estate, contact the Battle Creek Community Foundation 269-962-2181

Donations are tax deductible for donors.